Institut für Raumbezogene Informations- und Messtechnik
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Fields of Research

3D-Metrology enables a precise geometric description and provides highly accurate positioning and orientation in the three-dimensional space and in time.

The term "Optische Technologien" covers a wide range of concepts and applications which use the properties of electromagnetisc radiation and today take part in nearly any area of everyday life, research and production.

At the i3mainz we perceive Spatial Humanities as the application of information- and surveying-technology in the humanities. The focus is put on the acquisition and the processing of spatial data, applying methods from geoinformatics and 3D-object...

The concept of image analysis generally describe the computational solution of tasks with a complexity (in distinciton from simple image processing methods) and referring abilities to the visual system in humans.

Today location and navigation are primarily associated with satellite navigation systems, such as the American GPS and become indispensable from our daily life.

Visualization shows data and is a fundamental tool for analysis and understanding of complex issues in many fields.

As spatial data infrastructure (SDI) is called a complex network for the exchange of information and data with a spatial extend (spatial data), within the meaning of comparable to other infrastructure, such as transport networks or telecommunicati...

Literally, semantics is the study of the meaning. It extracts meanings from phrases, words, sentences, symbols and other modes of information and communication methods through the underlying relationships with the components within.


Auf dem internationalen Symposium ÔÇ×Sites at the Intersection of Natural and Cultural HeritageÔÇť kurz SXNCH 2020 referierte Julia Brandt in der Gruppe ÔÇ×Cultural┬á...
Mit der Verteidigung Ihrer Dissertation Mitte Dezember 2020 an der Universit├Ąt von Burgund in Dijon konnte Claire Prudhomme ihre Doktorarbeit erfolgreich...